Web wallet

  • No need to download a privacy invasive app or trust any American app store. Login and use us from any internet enabled device
  • We uniquely offer custodial and non-custodial options making it easy for newbies to get started while advanced users don’t have to trust us with their keys
  • We seamlessly integrate Bitcoin and layer-2 networks Lightning and Liquid. Lightning makes us faster (less than a second!) and cheaper than the competition and Liquid means we've added confidentiality and the ability to manage assets and NFTs

Point of sale

  • Your business can be accepting Bitcoin in less than 15 seconds after reading this
  • You can keep payments in BTC and risk the volatility or have all sales converted to your national currency
  • Instant settlement and transaction finality. Your funds belong to you and can be withdrawn as soon as a payment lands in your account

NFT Marketplace

  • Under 3 cents to mint tokens for art and other assets, compared to over $50 USD per item in other popular market places
  • Your company branding and logos on the website, along with your ideal look, feel, and experience
  • Bitcoin/Liquid Network based, not Ethereum or other altcoins that are slow, expensive, or may disappear
  • A few use cases we have experience with: art, event tickets, physical assets, luxury goods, celebrity / brands

Get your business on the blockchain today.